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100COPIES is a music label based in Cairo/Egypt, releasing music from Egypt, the Arab world and International.100COPIES is focusing on experimental music, sound and jazz related. The main intentions of the label is creating a platform/network for the independent music scene in Cairo. As well as introducing international artists and independent music from other places to the Egyptian music scene. A limited number of 100 copies will be out for sale inside Egypt. Another limited number will be produced for international distributors from each release.

Engaged in a lot of practice and theory around semiotics, rituals, post-medium practices, site-specificity, new choreographic systems, music forms, transdisciplinarity and new hybrids, Adham creates dance performances, concerts, installations, publications, lectures, workshops, and what’s in between. He has produced a large body of work through “Adham Hafez Co.” presented in Egypt, the Arab Speaking World and Europe. He is the founder and program director of HaRaKa, the first movement research project in Egypt, initiated “TransDance” festival for Transdisciplinary practices and dance.

Bikya consists of three members. Mahmoud Refat, Maurice Louca and Mahmoud Waly.
the band was formed in 2005, living and working in Cairo
their music consists of a mixture of acoustic\electronic instruments. The mixture of different musical backgrounds of the three members has created a concrete vision of electronic music of their age.

Bikya Are:
Mahmoud Waly: Bass,Electronics.
maurice Louca: Keyboards, Guitar,Electronics.
Mahmoud Refat: Drums, Electronics

This fall will also see the release of an eight-track compilation album created by seven Egyptian females working the sonic field of experimental and noise music. For years now, Asmaa Azzouz, Shorouk El Zomor, Hala Abu Shady, Jakqueline George, Nina El Gebarly, Ola Saad, and Yara Mekawi have been collectively and individually intertwined within the world of sound art, noise, and experimental music.


A photographer, hand-colorist, video artist, and theatrical light designer based in Cairo. Early 90th, collaborate with M. Abol-Souaod founding The Shrapnel, an independent theatrical troupe. 1991-1995 attend the Video-Art Workshop held by Pro-Helvetia, which consisting of several sessions by different video artists and masters such as Hans Peter Amman, Pipilotti Rist and Selvie & Sherief Defraoui. Since 2002 collaborate with Bjorn Larsson in Hand-colouring B&W photography based on the Romantic era, and Swedish painters such as Marcus Larsson, and Bruno liljefors .

Hassan Khan works with image, music, sound, text and concept. He lives and works in Cairo, Egypt.

born 1985
was interested in sound in a very early age,and started playing around with his first TB-303 rubberduck softsynth at the age of 14.now interested in visuals



Refat is a sound artist, musician, producer whose work has been released on CD, performed live and installed in spaces.

Refat is the founder of 100COPIES MUCIS / Cairo  record company & 100LIVE ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL that is based and located in Cairo/Egypt.


Maurice Louca  was born in Cairo were he lives and works as a musician.

Maurice co-founded and is part of the band Bikya . He has composed and preformed live the original sound track for Sherif el Azma's Video/Lecture, Psycho Geography of Loose Associations, part of Meeting Points 5 . Over the last couple of years he has performed his live sets Passage 35 and Flood lights, leading him up to  his latest studio work Garraya which is due for release January 2011 by the music label 100copies. 

Nahla Mattar is composer, educator, researcher and associate professor at Helwan University HU, Cairo, Egypt. Currently, she is the Director of Umm Kulthum Museum, Ministry of Culture. Mattar got her doctorate of musical arts DMA, in composition from Arizona State University (ASU) in spring 2005. Fellow Researcher at Arts, Media and Engineering program, ASU, 2003-05, (http://ame.asu.edu/). Mattar's goal is to write expressive music that blends music with visual and theatrical rituals, exploring cultural pluralism and interconnectivity topics

Nermine El ansari was born in 1975. She lives and works as a visual artist in Cairo, Egypt. In 1998 she received her diploma from the fine art school of Versailles ( France ) in painting. In 2002 she graduated from "Ecole Nationale Sup\'8erieure des Beaux Arts"in Paris, in multimedia. She got a scholarship for an exchange in the"Instituto Superior de Arte"in Havana,Cuba(2001). She participated in workshops, in the Ivory Coast, in Lebanon, in Taiwan and in Germany.
Her work has been presented in various exhibitions.
Has been producing electronic music since 1999 and has played in several live bands before. He is currently the resident DJ at the Cairo Jazz club and performs with a live/electronic ensemble dance/house project. Ramsi has produced a track on Ahmed El Attar’s CD Electro Egypt which was also selected by an independent label (Vital Song) in Paris. In the theatre, he has sound designed Paul Mitri’s original play Moliere, Don Juan at the Alexandria Library and Nada Sabet’s adaptation El Gaw Gameel. Film projects include original music scores for Waleed Marzouk’s short film Al I’sar, Sherif Nakhla’s Miraculum and a few cinema ads.
Ramsi is also a theatre/directing graduate who co-founded the Zar Theatre/Production company with Khaled Zaki. Their first production Analog was performed at the AUC falaki studio theatre April 2006. He has also directed Compilation Impulse, My Head Was A Sledgehammer and two movement plays at the Hanager theatre and Cairo International Experimental festival. He has also performed in Ahmed El Attar’s Mother I want to be a Millionaire in Cairo, Alexandria, Jordan, Sweden and Berlin and his last production About Othello in Cairo and Switzerland.

Retune Studio

ReTune Studio is a sub-label of 100Copies specializing in alternative, urban music in with special emphasis in the genres of hip-hop, sha’bi, and electronic or digital music. Make sure to check the Facebook or website for more information about upcoming album releases and events.

ReTune Studio is a sub-label of 100Copies specializing in alternative, urban music in with special emphasis in the genres of hip-hop, sha’bi, and electronic or digital music. Make sure to check the Facebook or website for more information about upcoming album releases and events.




zimoun, 1977, is autodidact and lives in berne.
since 2000 he works as a sound, visual and acoustic artist.
zimoun's works range from visual arts to installations, performance, music, compositions and areas related to all of the above. he focusses on research of space, structure, form and empty space, but also on the cautious handling of materials, working with day-to-day phenomena and occurrences.

radio monk: «zimoun is best compared to a watchmaker of a self-reproducing time constructing his own gauging station».