100COPIES is a music label based in Cairo/Egypt, releasing music from Egypt, the Arab world and International.100COPIES is focusing on experimental music, sound and jazz related. The main intentions of the label is creating a platform/network for the independent music scene in Cairo. As well as introducing international artists and independent music from other places to the Egyptian music scene. A limited number of 100 copies will be out for sale inside Egypt. Another limited number will be produced for international distributors from each release.



Oct 2013

Experimental Electronic Compilation by Seven
Egyptian Females


Oct 2013

In October, 100COPIES will celebrate the launch of likely one of the most unique and sophisticated projects in their production stock thus far. Created by the venerable composer, teacher, and musicologist Dr. Nahla Mattar, the contemporary classical, string album “Isis,” is utterly enchanting. For years now, Dr.

Sep 2013

ReTune compilation by various artists

Dec 2010

compilation #1

A selection of 100COPIES MUSIC releases of the past 4 years, including live recording sessions from the 100LIVE ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL of various artists featuring tracks from: Ahmed basiony, staalplaat soundsystem, hassan khan and many others. 

Dec 2010

Garraya is Maurice Louca's Debut album, with songs composed  and produced over the last couple of years. the charged, concrete melodies, and rhythm's create music that borders between the vastness of landscapes, and the repetitive intensity of a confined space.

Nov 2008
dirty zeyda is a condensation of alot of samples and materials i'v been
collecting and building over the past few years,mainly driven from mass
media,arab sat,t.v,radio,tapes. some are recorded by laptop,some
recorded by a very primitive tape recorder,to have a domestic sound
quality and varying frequencies at the end.
May 2007
Bikya debut release is composed of tracks writen over the last two
years, which is evident in the variation of styles and sounds between
the tracks. Bikya sound is very beat oreinted, with layers of acoustic
and electronic sounds, subtle melodies structured in song format.
Apr 2007
Definition is a compilation of different technical explorations, ideas and approaches. However, despite technical differences and styles, they all explore the mundane attempting to grasp something a bit more tangible than the repetitive nature of itself. Even melodic sequences weigh heavy and proceed lazily.
Mar 2007
tabla dubb uses a foundational element in popular Egyptian musical culture (the tabla) as the basic building block of a music that works with structure and texture, tension and release, repetition and difference.
Sep 2006

the work of zimoun is more in a style that is related to Pan Sonic, but without the highly rhythm groove. Zimoun's music is entirely rhythm based, but these rhythms aren't for dancing. His work bears similarity to that of Goem: minimal to the bone, always rhythm inspired, but not necessarily dance music per se.