100COPIES is a music label based in Cairo/Egypt, releasing music from Egypt, the Arab world and International.100COPIES is focusing on experimental music, sound and jazz related. The main intentions of the label is creating a platform/network for the independent music scene in Cairo. As well as introducing international artists and independent music from other places to the Egyptian music scene. A limited number of 100 copies will be out for sale inside Egypt. Another limited number will be produced for international distributors from each release.


adham hafez

[img_assist|nid=154|title=adham hafez |desc=|link=none|align=left|width=435|height=281]D.I.O.
Music Composed by: Adham Hafez. Recorded Tracks from: “Bodies, Bread and Mud” Dance Performance Soundtrack.
Live Singing: Mariam Saleh Saad, Adham Hafez
D.I.O. is a performance of written vocal score, improvised singing, live electronic music, pre-recorded tracks, and live instrumental music, all mixing in one act of a pseudo-ritualistic nature. D.I.O. uses aspects of ritual phenomenon in a context of sound/voice/movement structure, and continues this playful manipulation of time, through performance and musical structures. The performance D.I.O. is a continuity of a work with concepts, sounds and performance that started two years ago and culminated in the performance “Bodies, Bread and Mud” in June 2007

د.ي.و - موسيقى تأليف: أدهم حافظ - غناء حى: مريم صالح سعد, أدهم حافظ - موسيقى مسجلة: من عرض "أجساد و خبز و طين" - د.ي.و. هو عرض يمتزج به الاداء الصوتى الحى, الارتجال, الموسيقى الاكترونية الحية و المسجلة مسبقاً مع عزف حى, فى صورة شبه-طقسية - د.ي.و. يستخدم عناصر ممارسات طقسية فى سياق صوتى و حركى, و يتلاعب بالبناء الزمنى من خلال الاداء و التكوينات الموسيقية- د.ي.و. هو استكمال لمحاولات للتعامل مع مفاهيم و أصوات و حالات أدائية معينة قد بدأت منذ عامين و تم تقديم عرض "أجساد و خبز و طين" فى يونيو 2007