100COPIES is a music label based in Cairo/Egypt, releasing music from Egypt, the Arab world and International.100COPIES is focusing on experimental music, sound and jazz related. The main intentions of the label is creating a platform/network for the independent music scene in Cairo. As well as introducing international artists and independent music from other places to the Egyptian music scene. A limited number of 100 copies will be out for sale inside Egypt. Another limited number will be produced for international distributors from each release.


Eileen Simpson, Ben White, Marysia Lewandowska and Neil Cummings.



Video projection and soundtrack remixed live.

Screen Tests 1/4 Screen Tests: The film unfolds as a series of Andy Warhol-like screen tests, slowly revealing the location and the occupation of those before the camera - students and models from a UK School of Art.
Screen Tests 2/4 Dragline: Dragline stumbles across an autonomous event, and echoing 1970’s structuralist film, returns the default setting of contemporary digital practice - sampling and looping - to its industrial roots.
The soundtracks to Screen Tests and Dragline are made from out-of-copyright 78 rpm records. All material is released under a Creative Commons license, enabling anyone to use and re-use both the film material and soundtracks for future creative exchange

the film is a collaboration between: Eileen Simpson, Ben White, Marysia Lewandowska and Neil Cummings.