100COPIES is a music label based in Cairo/Egypt, releasing music from Egypt, the Arab world and International.100COPIES is focusing on experimental music, sound and jazz related. The main intentions of the label is creating a platform/network for the independent music scene in Cairo. As well as introducing international artists and independent music from other places to the Egyptian music scene. A limited number of 100 copies will be out for sale inside Egypt. Another limited number will be produced for international distributors from each release.


tabbla dubb release party

on the 22nd of march 100copies will release hassan khan's tabla dubb.

a live performance and party will take place at 20:00h at the CIC Cairo

20 Safeya Zaghloul Street , 2nd Floor, Mounira
Tel.: +2 02 794 1686 - Mobile: +2 012 115 8700
[email protected]

more information will be available on this site